Dwarf Fortress Cheat Sheet (Print)



See the appendix for expanded information on each part on the design.

Representing fifteen years of love for Dwarf Fortress, this cheat sheet offers a wealth of information for new and veteran players alike, including a crop calendar, soil and ore chart, item quality guide, and workflows for kitchens, stills, forges, presses, and farmer’s workshops. It features colorful hand-vectored graphics and 24″ x 15″ dimensions, perfect for adorning a wall or monitor as you play. This item includes the 24″ x 15″ print shipped to your address, and the digital download to make your own prints (~2MB PNG).

This is an unofficial product. Dwarf Fortress is developed and owned by Zach and Tarn Adams at Bay 12 Games. Dwarf Fortress is a cult classic video game that has been in development for over twenty years, and has its own entry in the Museum of Modern Art. The classic free version with ASCII graphics is available on their site, and a graphical version is also now available on Itch.io and Steam.